Frequently Asked Questions

Our products are available in all major supermarkets across NZ and Australiakey retailers in Japan & Singapore, as well as in TJX in the US. 

Most of our products are certified vegan! Look for the specific certified vegan logo on these packs and in the descriptions on our e-shop.

For Health & Safety reasons, we don’t sell offcuts or samples from our factory, or accept payments of pickups from the public. 

Treenuts (Cashews, Almonds) & Peanuts

We are certified Non-GMO.

All of our bags can be recycled through any national soft plastic recycling scheme such as Redcycle in Australia and the Soft Plastic Recycling Scheme in New Zealand. Our Tubs are number 5 in the plastic code and can be recycled at curbside or at any local recycling station.

Our Beetroot & Raspberry Brownie Snackaballs and our Cacao Nib Snackaballs are nut free. We highlight on our packaging that they may have traces of nuts as they’re made with the same equipment as other products, however we carry out a deep clean in between shifts to ensure traces are removed.

Each product has a best before date printed on the back of pack, along with a batch number.