Doing Our Bit

For many companies, us included, the sustainability roadmap can be confusing. The ideas that sound brilliant sometimes aren’t and genuine progress can be difficult.

We have a bunch of projects on the go that will hopefully all make significant contributions towards us meeting our sustainability goals.

One of our sustainability goals is focused on our carbon emissions and as part of our journey, we signed onto the Toitū carbonreduce certification scheme. Going a step further to compensate for our carbon emissions, we are now stoked to be Toitū net carbonzero certified.

We have offset our carbon emissions by supporting international renewable energy projects. Not only does this help avoid future carbon emissions but also offers several societal, economic and development benefits to boot.

This feels like a big step in the right direction for us, high fives all round team!

Our Charities

As a local Wellington business, we’re passionate about giving back to our community. So, we’re giving a shoutout to a few of our fav charities we have supported across New Zealand, Australia and the US.