If you’re gonna snack, Snack Good

Meet Kim McKinney

Kim is a long-distance Australian triathlete however a prolonged injury saw her on the side-lines for a couple of years. Over the past year, Kim has spent her time coming back into the sport and regaining her physical fitness and mental strength. Her first race was Ironman Cairns in June this year and she placed an inspiring 9th overall!
As a triathlete Kim relies heavily on quality nutrition and fuel during Ironman training blocks as well as her long rides and runs. Kim previously relied heavily on gels to fuel her, however once she discovered our products (funnily enough when she was searching for a healthy snack at work) she found her body responded well to our nutrient dense Snackaballs. They gave her energy boost, especially towards the back end of rides and the harder endurance sessions. 

Being a super fit athlete must be pretty challenging, and balancing nutritional intake will be a big priority for Kim.  We were keen to find out more about how our products support an athlete like Kim, and what her view of health and wellness looks like. Watch this space… good luck Kim!  

We asked Kim a few questions…

What does healthy look like for you?
Understanding your body and what it needs to operate efficiently and energetically – how much quality sleep does your body need, what food does your body want to consume, is your blood level at the optimal side of the range, how happy and self-encouraging is your mindset, how well does your body move, what are you doing to maintain good bone and muscle strength.  

How do you manage to stay focused on your goals?
Understanding and reminding myself WHY I set my goal in the first place. 

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
Show up fully present in the moment. 

What things are critical for you to be successful?
Setting a goal, mapping out the steps to achieve my goal, staying consistent with my training and routine, tracking my progress on a weekly basis, trusting my support network, turning up to a race injury free and confident, racing my own race it’s me vs me out there!  

Meet Erin Simpson

Presenter, influencer, designer and media personality, Erin Simpson has done it all! A familiar face to a generation of kids here in New Zealand, she hosted her own after school TV show from 2009-2013 on TVNZ. The magazine format took in interviews (including Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez), mini-soaps, contests, social media and reports on fashion, sport and entertainment. 

Nowadays between acting and presenting, Erin is an in-demand MC, a wedding celebrant, a landlord, launched two companies, released two celebrity cookbooks, and grown a sizeable audience online. Now, Erin has taken on two new roles of mother and wife. Erin and husband Zac Franich are a media match made in heaven. The dynamic duo are both well-known TV personalities, whose paths crossed after Zac featured on season 3 of The Bachelor New Zealand. They have welcomed son Harry into their family, changing the dynamic once again!  

We love that Erin is accomplished in so many different areas, it shows bravery to give things a go and to put yourself out there.  It was super cool to find she loves our products, but makes sense right, you’d definitely need great, nutritious snacks to be able to keep up with all of that!    

We asked Erin a few questions…

What does healthy look like for you?
I have always worked in quite physical roles, not like an athlete but a lot of running around. In order for me to do this I depend on my body to help me.  Healthy is my body keeping ahead of me and supporting me physically so that I am able to do all the things I need. 

What does healthy look like for your family?
We have just welcomed a newborn son so obviously things have changed overnight. I now put my son’s happiness and health above all else.  Making sure he is feed, safe and warm always is how I know he’s ok.  When he’s ok, then I’m ok. 

How do you manage the juggle of working, raising a family, looking after yourself?
Am I managing?? Ha ha well I only go on my phone when I need to, and I snack a lot that why I love eating Tom & Luke Snackaballs™ as they are fast and healthy, and they keep me going around the clock and I mean AROUND THE CLOCK.