We are now net carbonzero certified!

We are now net carbonzero certified

The sustainability roadmap can be confusing at the best of times.  As a small but growing New Zealand business we’ve always been passionate about making the best possible choices in terms of lessening our impact, supporting our team and local community, and generally just doing the right thing! Sometimes however, how to deliver that isn’t always straightforward and clear.   

One of the best business decisions we’ve made is to team up with Toitū Envirocare.  They lead businesses here in New Zealand through their systems of carbon and environmental programmes and are working alongside us to provide the science-based tools, actions, and evidence to allow us to make real progress in the area of sustainability.  We’re looking at everything from procurement, manufacturing, logistics and packaging to continue to make improvements wherever we can. 

One of our key areas of focus is on our carbon emissions. As part of our journey, early in 2020 we signed onto the Toitū carbonreduce certification scheme to actively reduce the carbon emissions from our factory.  This was a fantastic step forward for us, and a lot of work, however, we decided we needed to do more. So earlier this year we signed onto the Toitū carbonzero programme.  This means that as well as reducing our internal emissions, we have offset the balance of our carbon emissions by supporting international renewable energy projects.  It is awesome to now officially be Toitū net carbonzero certified!  


We continue to remain focused on reducing our emissions, which is a real challenge for a growing export business! However, by working with our freight and logistics partners on alternative solutions, negotiating effectively with our retail partners on storage and combined freight solutions to stores and with key projects underway relating to stock, packaging, and ingredient management we are making improvements every day.  Each decision or opportunity we take helps us on our journey towards becoming a successful kiwi business making an increasingly positive contribution.  We’re really proud of this achievement and are working really hard on all the other ones to come!