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Real Life Needs Real Food

Here at Tom & Luke, we believe real life needs real food. We craft deliciously nutritious yet convenient snacks to save you time to get on with whatever life throws at you. We’re all unique and our snacks should be too.

We have some pretty EPIC Snackaball fans that love Tom & Luke and are achieving incredible things. They choose our products to fuel their busy lives because we provide clean energy that keeps them going for longer. We think these guys are awesome and hope you like hearing their inspiring stories in our Real Life Needs Real Food content series.  

Our story begins way back in 2009, when Tom was a personal trainer at the gym across the road from Luke’s café. Tom wanted to help his clients get better results from their training. Luke just wanted his kids to eat healthier.

With a clear vision and plenty of determination, a wholefood bar was created, and then an entire range of Snackaballs™. Better yet, everything was crafted with fresh, real ingredients and even tasted delicious.

Tom and Luke™ now sit amongst the most loved health food brands in Australasia and beyond. That’s because it’s not easy to find the perfect balance of mouth-watering flavour and optimal nourishment.

Just ask Tom’s gym mates. Or Luke’s kids.

Our Mission

Our mission at Tom & Luke is to make eating healthy easy. That is why we create amazing tasting snacks using minimal, real ingredients. We are the leading snack ball brand within Australasia, and proudly make all our products here in New Zealand, exporting them to multiple countries around the world. Our world famous Snackaballs are crafted from carefully chosen ingredients, delivering nutritionally beneficial, great tasting snacks in a format that’s built for convenience.

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